31 December 2022

New year means new plans! Many of us wait for their dreams to come true by designing them according to a new year. Well, while stepping into new hopes, would you like to make your loved ones happy by making handmade gifts? At this point, we have come up with great ideas for you. If you wish, let's take a look at unique gift ideas that you can handmade for Christmas together.

Yılbaşı Hediye Fikirleri

Making Vase with Tree Branch and Making Christmas Flowers

We have come up with a wonderful gift idea that you can make for your loved ones on New Year's Eve. How would you like to be the star of your environment by making a vase and poinsettia with a tree branch? So, how to make a vase and poinsettia using tree branches? There are certain steps you need to follow for these. First of all, you should take an accurate measurement on the tree branch with the help of a ruler. Then you need to cut the branches you have in your hand in equal thickness. At this point, if you wish, there are cut tree branches ready for this process. You can consider this option to make your job even easier. Then inflate the balloon, which is one of the materials you should have at hand, and tie the end tightly.

At the end of all these processes, stick the tree branches on the balloon with the help of a hot glue gun, touching each other. There is something you should pay attention to at this point. Never stick tree branches to the tied part of the balloon. After the silicone dries, burst the balloon with the help of a needle and remove it from the vase you have created from the branches. Finally, give your handmade gift to someone you love by placing the cochineal poinsettia, which reflects the spirit of the New Year, into the vase!

 Making Handmade Candle

We came with another unique handmade gift offer that will reflect the spirit of Christmas. This time, you will enchant your loved ones with the idea of handmade candles that you can prepare specially for your loved ones. First, you need to cut the soy paraffin into small pieces with the help of a knife. Afterwards, you should take these parts that you have separated into the melting pot. After these processes, you need to ensure that the paraffin melts by using the bain-marie method, immediately after putting water into the pot you bought and placing the melting pot on it. While the paraffin melts, fix the wicks you have placed in your Christmas-themed mold or the jar with a band aid. When the paraffin melts, pour a few drops of the essential oil. We have come to the last step of what you will do. After all these processes, pour the paraffin into the mold or jar and let it dry outside to dry. Here is your handcrafted fragrant candle waiting to go as a gift to your loved ones!

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Making Portable Blackboard

Another gift suggestion is that we can easily say that it is the kind that will sweep your loved ones off their feet. The portable black board that you will design specially for your loved ones will be a very valuable and spiritual gift. The first thing you need to do is to separate the glass part of the frame from the frame. Then paint the glass you removed with a black wood paint and then let it dry outside. After the paint dries, what you need to do is to replace the glass.

Then close the frame. At the end of all these processes, stick the mini Christmas ornaments you have bought on the corners of the frame. You can give this mini board, which is among the original gift ideas, as a Christmas gift to a friend who likes to take notes. Don't forget to put chalk in the gift box too! This gift of yours will take the person in front of you on a journey to different lands as a gift with high spiritual value and smell of effort. You can also design one of these gift ideas for yourself and make your loved ones happy.

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Making Filography Wall Paintings (String-Art)

Are you thinking of preparing the most special and unforgettable gift for your loved ones, family or friends? Then a unique handmade painting is just for you! One of the most beautiful options among handmade gifts for the New Year, philographic paintings are very popular. You can design this table as you wish. If you want, you can prepare it with a deer pattern, a pine tree pattern or a star pattern.

On behalf of you, we will talk about the stage of making the table prepared with a deer pattern. There are the main materials you need for this. First, you need a square board of the size you want, a burgundy thread, nails and a hammer. First of all, you need to outline the deer pattern right on the board. Then you should hammer nails on the lines at regular intervals. At this stage, you should be especially careful that the nails are neither too tight nor too separate. It's time for my last step. After all these processes, create the deer pattern by wrapping the rope from the nails you have driven. That's how simple it was to make a deer philography wall painting!

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Making Miniature Pine Tree

We have come to the last of the handmade gift ideas that you can make for your loved ones for the New Year. A miniature pine tree that you can make with your own hands maintains its current position among the gifts that are very easy to make and very interesting. At this point, if you want to make a miniature Christmas tree to gift, there are some materials you need. These; round wood, cone cookie mold, moss (may be one of the options used for mock-ups), tiny shaped star stickers, silicone and glue gun.

First of all, you need to stick the cone-shaped cookie mold on the piece of wood with the help of a silicone gun. After this process, you should completely stick the tiny moss pieces around the cone-shaped cookie cutter with the help of a silicone gun. As the last step, you can decorate your tree with star stickers and get a magnificent look. Finally, it remains to give the miniature pine tree you have made as a gift to your loved ones! Design the most special and beautiful gift for the new year you will spend with your loved ones.


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