26 October 2023

When it comes to Beyoğlu, one of the first spots that springs to mind is Cihangir. Being one of the oldest neighborhoods in Istanbul, Cihangir has managed to retain its vintage charm. Serving as a pit stop for Beyoğlu explorers, Cihangir boasts several cafes that are known for their distinctive ambiance and flavors.

While some of these cafes can get quite bustling, especially in the mornings and during lunch hours, others are tailored for those seeking tranquility and serenity. Either way, each of them promises a diverse array of beverages and delicacies. Here, we present a compilation of the most exquisite cafes in Cihangir, along with our personal recommendations.

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For a serene and peaceful setting, we suggest paying a visit to 1Kahve. It's a perfect retreat, offering a calm atmosphere where you might find people engrossed in their studies and projects. This cafe tends to be a quiet haven, as it seems to attract those looking for an ideal place to work. Alongside various coffee options, they also serve delectable treats like cheesecake, homemade tarts, and orange cake. The address for those interested is Sıraselviler Cad. Bakrac Sok. No:19-1 Coşkun Apt. A definite must-visit.


Renowned for its coffee, this cafe stands as one of the most sought-after places in Cihangir. Whether it's a morning coffee fix or a post-work/school treat, their delightful coffee is a must-try. Alongside coffee, you can indulge in an array of desserts, including eclairs. With its tasteful and serene atmosphere, it caters to all taste buds with its diverse coffee options. You can find it at Kuloğlu, Firuzaga Cami Sk. No:2. Make sure to give their coffee a shot at least once.

Geyik Coffee Roastery & Cocktail Bar

Geyik Coffee Roastery & Cocktail Bar beckons with its subdued and intimate atmosphere, offering a mix of distinctive cocktails, alcoholic drinks, and, of course, coffee. Stop by in the morning to be among the first to savor their self-roasted coffee, or swing by in the evening with friends to try out their signature mojito varieties, like Blackberry Cobler and MaiTai. This is the kind of place that can dissolve all your stress, especially after a hectic day. You can find it at Akarsu Cad. Kılıçalipaşa Mah. No:22/A. A definite must-try.


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Smyrna is the go-to spot for nearly all coffee enthusiasts in Cihangir, with a name that hints at its Izmir-inspired flavors. Mornings offer a classic breakfast menu, while lunchtime brings an array of dishes, including soup, pasta, and salad. Of course, a variety of coffees and teas await you as well. A favorite haunt of celebrities, this spot offers an intriguing alternative. You can locate it at Kılıçali Paşa Mahallesi, Akarsu Caddesi, No 29.

Swedish Coffee Point

Situated right next to Kronotrop, the Swedish Coffee Point is the place to quickly grab your coffee on the go or to pause and catch your breath. It can get a bit crowded due to its central location, but if the noise isn't your thing, you can grab one of their delicious coffees and continue on your way. True to its name, it's a hub for tasting Swedish coffees. Additionally, they serve a variety of desserts such as cakes, brownies, and soufflés. You can find it at Kuloglu Mah. Firuzaga Cami Sok. No:2/E.

Cold Bread

Renowned for its sandwiches and coffee, this spot might be your first choice when hunger pangs strike. Cold Bread boasts an extensive sandwich menu, offering tantalizing flavors like ham, vegan cheese, avocado, lemon poppy seed, and more, unlike any you've tasted before. We're confident that Cold Bread will become one of your go-to spots for snacks, thanks to its diverse menu and delectable beverages. You can find it at Kılıçali Paşa Mahallesi, Matara Street, No:3.

Norm Coffee

When it comes to coffee, desserts, and snacks in Cihangir, Norm Café is among the first places that come to mind. You can enjoy your morning coffee and breakfast here, with an array of flavors crafted from fresh seasonal vegetables for the health-conscious. From crispy croissants to a variety of desserts, along with a stellar coffee and tea selection, you're bound to find something you'll love. Visit them at Cihangir Mahallesi, Güneşli Street, No 39/A.


A plethora of scrumptious options awaits you at this breakfast haven. From menemenemen to avocado çılbır, and from egg rolls to breakfast platters, you'll find all the varieties you're craving. The queues that form in the mornings at this café are a testament to its popularity. Make sure to swing by Susam, the ultimate breakfast spot where you'll want to savor a different flavor every time. You can find it at Susam Street, No:11.

Savoy Patisserie

An esteemed patisserie with a rich history, Savoy Patisserie is a beloved destination in Cihangir for coffee and desserts. Established in 1950, this patisserie has retained its nostalgic charm since its inception. Don't miss out on trying their traditional special cakes and milk desserts, paired with their delightful coffee and tea. Make your way to Savoy Patisserie, one of the most renowned patisseries in the area, located at Cihangir Mah. Sıraselviler Avenue, 91/A.

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