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15 November 2023

Remote working, a leading trend in modern business, refers to individuals who travel while utilizing the internet. For those curious about this lifestyle, check out our previous guide. Today, we delve into what digital nomads consider when selecting a destination, their criteria, and the European cities most favored based on digital nomad votes on NomadList.

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Azores, Portugal

A sought-after retreat for those desiring a blend of nature, work, and leisure in a tranquil setting over bustling beaches and endless entertainment, the Azores is dubbed the Hawaii of the Atlantic Ocean.

Digital nomads on Sao Miguel Island, the most populated, can access numerous co-working spaces, some offering private offices and reliable internet. WiFi is also prevalent in many island cafes.

As it's not as mainstream as the Canary Islands, finding affordable apartments is relatively easy. Depending on the preferred island, the perfect house for your budget awaits. The mild climate eliminates hefty expenses on heating and air conditioning.

The Azores boast a rich culture and unique cuisine, with cheese and seafood holding a special place. The island's renowned drink is delicious tea, as it hosts Europe's sole tea plantation.


Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb, Croatia's largest city with a rich history, stands as one of the country's most dynamic and promising digital nomad destinations in Europe. The increasing number of co-working spaces, nomad-friendly cafes, restaurants, and eateries is testament to this.

Easily navigable on foot, Zagreb's cosmopolitan atmosphere, historic structures, and social culture make it enchanting. Not as immediately captivating as the coastline, it shines with safety. Key neighborhoods include Donji Grad for lively socializing, Maksimir for green spaces and sports, and Salata, known for festivals, offering affordable accommodation.


Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, with its rich culture and lower living costs compared to other European capitals, captivates digital nomads worldwide. Boasting 300 days of sunshine annually, Lisbon provides ample co-working spaces, a cosmopolitan vibe, innovation hubs, breathtaking views, and delectable cuisine.

Noteworthy are Lisbon's diverse co-working spaces, offering creative work environments catering to all tastes. The city maintains an average internet speed of 20.8 mbps.

Key Lisbon neighborhoods include Alfama, a historic district; Cais do Sodre, near the beach; Principe Real, a haven for food enthusiasts; and Bairro Alto, Lisbon's bohemian quarter.


Budapest, Hungary

Immerse yourself in the Eastern European charm of Budapest, adorned with medieval castles and breathtaking architecture, making it an irresistible hub for digital nomads. Renowned for its affordability among European cities, Budapest nurtures a thriving community of digital nomads.

With internet speeds surpassing many European counterparts, Budapest boasts diverse accommodation options. Opt for the tranquility of Buda, the lively buzz of Pest, the central yet pricier Belváros-Lipótváros, the innovative scene of Erzsébetváros, or the scenic allure of Várkerület with its seaside vistas.


Timișoara, Romania

Timișoara, the largest city in western Romania, earns the moniker "Little Vienna" for its graceful architecture. A cosmopolitan haven with art galleries, museums, and musical theaters, it exudes a progressive atmosphere.

This city caters to adventurous spirits, offering an array of workspaces from co-working spots to charming cafés. Tailor your stay to your preferences, whether you crave the city's heart or a connection with nature; Timișoara caters to all tastes.


Krakow, Poland

Explore one of Europe's captivating medieval treasures in Krakow, where splendid architecture, lively vibes, delectable cuisine, and a vibrant nightlife beckon both travelers and digital nomads.

In this living museum, high-speed internet and comfortable co-working spaces abound. Navigate the city's districts – the tourist-favorite bohemian Stare Miasto, the intriguing Podgórze, nature-centric Kleparz, and the globally recognized social experiment, Nowa Huta.

Krakow, Poland's historic gem, claimed the titles of European Capital of Culture in 2000 and European Capital of Gastronomic Culture in 2019, promising a feast for both your stomach and soul.

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