9 September 2020
5 Worldwide-known Appetizers

Each nation has its own food culture and nations form their own dishes based on their food culture criteria. Here are 5 nation-specific appetizers: 


Germany – Pretzel

A Pretzel (a.k.a. a Brezel) is a type of salty and oily bread made of white flour and dry yeast. It has a soft structure complimented with an inviting and delicious smell. You can find this delicacy in every corner, in every street vendor, and in all bakeries in Germany. People also love to have their Pretzels with spring onions, garlic, parmesan, cinnamon, dip sauce, or as a sandwich. This famous taste is also preferred as an appetizer with German beer, which is almost as famous as Pretzels.


Canada – Poutine

Who doesn’t love a good plate of French fries? Poutine is a rather popular and basic food in Canada. It originated in the East Canadian province of Quebec, where the locals mostly speak French. This Canadian national food is actually French fries topped with gravy sauce and cheese curds. Gravy sauce is made from meat juice naturally thickened with wheat flour or corn starch. It is one of the three main ingredients in the Poutine. You can also add spring onions, beef jerky, cheddar cheese, minced meat or other various toppings as per your liking. 


Brazil – Coxinha de Frango

Brazillian cuisine is rather rich in terms of food culture. Coxinha is one of their most popular dishes. When translated, it means “little [chicken] thigh”. It is shaped like a teardrop, pear or cone. Coxinha’s main ingredient is chopped or shredded chicken meat. We believe its best part to be the exterior soft dough. After each ingredient is carefully and manually prepared, they are fried until golden (or orange). There are different versions for different tastes; for example, you can fill the Coxinha with vegetables like carrots and mushrooms instead of chicken. You can also try the special dip sauce. It really is an addictive appetizer.


France – Tartiflette

We are here with a potato-based recipe all the way from France. This famous French appetizer goes back to the 1700’s. In its simplest form, the recipe is boiled/fried/baked potatoes blended with heavy cream and caramelized onions and topped with garlic and Reblochon cheese. Reblochon is a cheese specific to the Alps. You can enjoy its taste by melting and adding an ample amount on the Tartiflette.


Egypt/Yemen – Falafel

This world-renowned appetizer is commonly consumed as a basic main dish in the Mediterranean cuisines. Its main ingredient is either chickpeas or fava beans, or both as a mixture. It varies in shape, but generally served in a ball-like shape or a horizontal shape. There are no ingredients of animal origin in the recipe, so the dish is also loved by vegetarians. It can be consumed as an appetizer or a main dish, but it is mostly known as an appetizer for Raki tables. You may prefer your Falafel plain or with pickles, French fries, tomatoes, etc. garnitures in a pita bread.