As of September 1, 2019, the visa-free travel from Turkey to Azerbaijan began. Turkish citizens can enter the country only with their passports for up to 30 days of travel with this decision.

A minimum of six months is a prerequisite for maroon passports to be valid. For those who apply for a new passport, the passport date must be valid at least for 1 year in the time of travel.

Travel to Baku by Road

If you are planning to take a bus trip to Azerbaijan, keep in mind that the journey will take an average of 42 hours. Buses departing from Istanbul follow the direction of Bolu-Samsun-Ordu-Giresun-Trabzon-Rize and Artvin, cross the Sarp Border Gate, and reach Baku via Georgia.


Another road option is transit through Iran. You need to leave the Gürbulak Border Gate with minibusses departing from the Doğu Beyazit district of Ağrı province of Turkey and enter Iran and then take a taxi to Azerbaijan. If you keep company with other people who prefer this method, it will significantly reduce the cost of the trip.

Transportation to Baku by Air

It is extremely possible to reach Heydar Aliyev Airport with direct flights from Turkey, whether with Turkish companies or Azal, the national airline of Azerbaijan.

Flights are made once or twice a day, depending on the intensity, and the flight between Istanbul and Baku takes 2 hours and 45 minutes.

After reaching Heydar Aliyev airport, you can use services or taxis to the city center. 

If you are going to take a taxi, you should definitely bargain.

Transportation to Baku by Train

If you prefer trains, you must first reach Russia or Ukraine because there is no railway route from Turkey to Baku.


Baku City Public Transport

Although exploring the city on foot seems to be the most appropriate option, we must immediately remind you that there are many means of transport, from bus to minibus, taxi to the subway.

Before riding in taxis that generally do not have a taximeter, you must always bargain a price.

For buses and minibusses with a wide route, the necessary transport cards can also be obtained on the vehicle.

The most common means of transport for local people is the subway. With “Metropoliten” tickets, which you can get for 2 Manats, you can also visit Baku using your choice in favor of the most economical vehicle.

What is the best time to travel to Azerbaijan?

Considering that 9 of the 11 climate zones in the world are seen within the country’s borders, you can experience many climates in Azerbaijan at the same time.

Baku, one of the most touristic places in the country, is under the influence of a mild climate. The harsh winter season leaves its place to rainy weather as of November. If you are planning a trip in the winter months, this country has the most beautiful alternative ski routes.


The mild climate on the Caspian Sea coast gives way to the continental climate when it is advanced to the inland regions. In December and March, the temperature ranges from 2 to 7 degrees.

July and August in almost all of the country are the most scorching times of the sun. Since it is challenging weather for a tourist trip, it is worth coinciding with the spring and autumn months, when the temperature ranges from 20 to 30 degrees.