When you are planning to travel, first of all, it is necessary to decide on the right season for the location you will visit. It will be useful to determine the correct date and take a look at the climatic characteristics of the region to be visited to increase the quality of the holiday to be spent. So, let’s take a look at the climatic characteristics of the country for travel plans to England.


England, which is the largest of the countries that make up the United Kingdom, is located on Great Britain. Having London as the capital, England has a temperate climate since it is an island country surrounded by sea on all sides. The country where the humid ocean climate prevails due to its location is known for its abundant rainfall every season. Despite the continuous rainfall throughout the country, the western part of England receives more rain than the country's eastern side. Because of the temperate climate characteristics, the summer months are cool, and the winter months are mild. England is also known as the country on which the sun never sets. As can be deduced from this description, the country is both rainy and also sunny every season… In other words, it would be correct to suggest that the sun is not missed every season in the country, most associated with its rainy and muggy weather.

September and January are the rainiest in the region.Since the weather temperature is low from January to March, the most accurate period that can be determined for travel to England is spring and summer. May and September will therefore be the most appropriate time period for a holiday in England.

How to Travel to England

The priority issue of those who want to travel to England is the visa procedure. For this, it is necessary to apply for a UK visa. You must have this visa to travel to the UK countries, which are Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and England. However, a UK visa will not be valid to enter the Republic of Ireland.


One of the issues that are discussed a lot about the visa is the Schengen visa. It is impossible to enter the UK with a Schengen visa used to enter countries in the Schengen area. Similarly, it is not possible to travel to Schengen countries with a UK visa.

For travel to England, after the visa issue is resolved, then you need to determine how to travel to the country. Airway, which is the most preferred means of transportation today, is definitely common and popular for visiting England. For those who prefer the airline, you should take flights from Istanbul to the UK. But you may also want to spend a more nostalgic trip other than the airway. A second option is available for those who have an aviophobia or love train travel more. From the three different routes offered by the train journey from Istanbul to London, you will need to choose that suits you best. So, what’s the difference between the three routes?

  1. Istanbul (Turkey) - Bucharest (Romania) - Vienna (Austria) - Cologne (Germany) - Brussels (Belgium) - London (United Kingdom)
  2. Istanbul (Turkey) - Sofia (Bulgaria) - Belgrade (Serbia) - Budapest (Hungary) - Zurich (Switzerland) - Paris (France) - London (United Kingdom)
  3. Istanbul (Turkey) - Athens (Greece) - Patras (Greece) - Venice (Italy) - Paris (France) - London (United Kingdom)

If you are going to use your means of transportation in favor of trains, you will have to risk a long journey. Nevertheless, this option is enjoyable for those who dream of a nostalgic train journey.

If you want to provide transportation with your own personal vehicle other than plane and train, you should examine the border gates on the highway to England. Finally, as for sea travel, there is no direct form of travel for those who want to use a ferry when traveling to England, but there is an extra way to do this... If you insist on traveling by sea, you can experience the ferry journey between Greece and London by traveling from Turkey to Greece in a fairly short time.