Located on the North American continent, the United States is a multicultural country consisting of 50 states.

July 4, 1776, when the Declaration of Independence was issued, is considered the time of the country’s foundations.

Its first state is Delaware (1787). Hawaii was recognized as the fiftieth state in 1959.

The spot phrase “In God We Trust,” located on the US dollar, which is the country’s currency, is also their national motto.


The country does not have a national language. Spanish comes after English, which is the most spoken language.

Although its capital is Washington DC, the largest city in the USA is New York, with a population of over 8 million.

Due to its vast surface area, the country is under the influence of many different climatic zones.

It is home to a wide variety of spectacular landscapes, from majestic mountains to huge forests, arid deserts, to tropical beaches.

The Mississippi, the third-largest river in the world, is also located here.

“Bald Eagle” is a protected bird species as the United States’ national symbol, where wildlife is extremely diverse.

Located in the U.S. state of California, economically known as the “world’s superpower,” Silicon Valley is also considered the center of the world’s computer industry.

Besides, the city of Los Angeles, better known as Hollywood, has the largest film studios in the world.


Direct flights from Turkey to the USA can be taken as well as with a connecting flight from cities such as Frankfurt, Rome, Amsterdam, and London.

If a connecting flight is selected, buying tickets separately is sometimes a more economical solution.



It is a prerequisite to first fill out the visa application form called DS-160 on the legal website in order to obtain an American visa. If it is not filled out, your application is not accepted, even if you have completed all the other documents.

Considering that even going from one end of the country to the other takes 6 hours by plane, the issue of transport is really significant.

The airline is the most widely used form of transportation within the U.S. but is one of the most expensive options.

Although buses may seem like the most economical solution due to the broader transport network that extends to every corner of the country, they may not be very suitable for you if you have problems saving time. Nevertheless, nothing else can replace a bus ride to really get to know the country.

Train travel, which is almost head-to-head with aircraft prices, is again one of the preferred options. There are stations in many vital parts of the country.

Another and final transportation option is to rent a car. Fortunately, your driver’s license in Turkey is also valid in the United States.


Grid-planned cities are divided into “blocks” and can sometimes be 3 kilometers between two blocks. Therefore, if you plan to visit the city on foot, we recommend getting a map from a tourism office.

The most popular tourist destination in the USA, one of the most popular countries globally, is undoubtedly the city of New York, which also hosts the Statue of Liberty.

Washington DC, one of the most vibrant cities in the country, where the administrative center of the state is located,

Boston for those who want to see Harvard University up close,

Los Angeles, the beating heart of the film industry,

Miami, with its long and white beaches, making people feel restless,

Cycling between museums and art centers while enjoying the famous Golden Gate Bridge skyline in San Francisco,



Although it owes its fame to entertainment, Las Vegas is a must-see with its magnificent canyons within its borders.

New Orleans, which NBA fans will never want to miss,

State of Texas to experience a completely different USA from its predecessors by visiting cities such as San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston,

California, a paradise of national parks, lakes, and beaches, as one of the most touristic spots in the country, and

Alaska, which means “paradise on earth” for many nature lovers due to its virgin and harsh natural conditions.