There are many airports in the United States where you can take direct and indirect flights from Turkey.

Direct flights to New York take about 10 hours.

It is crucial to determine the destination in advance when planning a trip to the United States. The journey takes 5-6 hours by plane, even from one coast to another. 

Early booking of airline tickets, where ticket prices and flight times vary depending on the selected city, provides serious price advantages.


Additionally, buying separate tickets can be an economical option, especially in cases of transfer.

If you want to apply for a US visa, known as the “Master of Visas,” you must first complete the Application Form DS-160 on the application website.

After completing paperwork and interviews, you get a 10-year US visa.

Although citizens of certain countries have the opportunity to stay visa-free for up to 90 days under the US Visa Waiver Program, they must apply no later than 72 hours in advance to take advantage of this opportunity.

Many college students prefer a “Work and Travel” visa to go to the United States.

Work and Travel is a cultural exchange program in which the United States offers travel and work permits to college students.

You can apply for a J1 visa from the Consulate General of the United States or the U. S. Embassy in Ankara to participate in this program.

The country has a reasonably wide surface area and it is also under the influence of more than one climate zone. 

The southern states are generally mild, while the north and northeast are the locations of freezing temperatures.

The seasons in which tornadoes frequently occur in central areas are spring and summer.

The period between May and September is the most preferred visiting time for the east and west coasts.

We can indeed claim that “Christmas” is the best time to visit New York. We think it’s worth putting up with some cold weather to experience the snowy Christmas scenes we witness in the movies on the streets of New York.


Los Angeles is one of the cities that you can visit in all seasons. Thanks to the high mountains around the region where the tropical climate is experienced, it is not muggy in summer, and there is no freezing cold in winter.

With its maximum of 30 degrees in the summer and the lowest 20 degrees in the winter, Hawaii is one of the US cities that makes winter travel attractive. Even if you arrive in the middle of winter, you can enjoy the ocean and observe the sky with the world’s largest telescopes.

Las Vegas, one of the most beautiful cities to beautify the winter holiday, is a dream city with a desert climate. 

The United States: a vast country where crowds of people flock to the beaches, while some experience the coldest days of winter in some parts. The season you want to experience is all up to you. So, when planning your trip, you should decide in advance which part of the country you will go to and take it from there accordingly.

The use of public transport also varies regionally in the United States. In this large country, transportation can sometimes be challenging.

The airway is often used to travel from one city to another in the United States.

Buses are still the most economical transportation choice, thanks to the advanced road network that extends to every city and every town.

You can buy bus tickets, which cost much cheaper when purchased monthly or weekly, from the bus stops that you frequently encounter everywhere.

Although there are various companies, Greyhound has become the monopoly of the bus industry. It is quite simple to check all the transportation information on the company’s website and buy tickets by credit card. With the wireless service on each bus, you can check whether you have come to a stop where you will get off.


Another economical method for commuting between major cities such as New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington is the underground rail system. If you plan to stay longer, be sure to buy monthly transportation cards.

Rent a car and even buying a car (Yes, you read it correct!) are also widely preferred options. Although gasoline prices are affordable, you should determine the route very well so as not to spend your entire holiday traveling.