Where the country gets its name is closely related to England’s history. England took its name from the Anglicans who occupied the island. Angleland, meaning the land of Anglus, eventually became England, and the name became its present form. 



England, located in the west of Europe and with its capital London, is one and largest of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom. The other countries that make up the United Kingdom along with England are Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. It borders Ireland in the north and Wales in the west and is located on the island of Great Britain. However, although the name of England is often referred to as the United Kingdom or Great Britain, this is actually a false reference. Great Britain is the name of the island, indicating the geographical region in which the country is located, while the United Kingdom is a political formation formed by four countries.


In general, the weather conditions of England, which we can define as a temperate climate, are quite variable. The country we often talk about with its being rainy and muggy is actually referred to as the empire on which the sun never sets. As this name implies, with the rainy weather, there is almost no season in the country without the sun. So, it would not be wrong to say that England, which on the one hand has a lot of rain and on the other hand is sunny all season, has unstable weather. Due to its temperate climate, the country’s winters are mild, and the summers are cool.



English, which dominates the whole world, is the country’s official language, but it is not the only language spoken in England. More than three hundred languages ​​are spoken in the country, which has managed to surprise many people with this feature. Even some languages ​​such as Irish and Scots are accepted as official languages. In England, which draws attention in terms of language diversity, English also has many accents.


The first thing that comes to mind when talking about England is definitely the royal family. The existence of the royal family, which draws a lot of attention with its history, on the other hand, the country’s name is sometimes referred to as the United Kingdom and the use of the concepts of democracy and monarchy while expressing the form of government can cause confusion in terms. However, to briefly sum up, the country’s administration style is referred to as constitutional monarchy since Queen Elizabeth II is at the top of the state administration. Elizabeth’s. It is also stated that this situation continues symbolically to continue the historical tradition. In other words, while the royal family is symbolically in the government of the country, the main power with legislative power is the Parliament. Thus, it becomes possible to say democracy when talking about the regime of England.


The official currency used in England is the British pound. As the United Kingdom is one of the world’s leading countries economically, it is one of the most important commercial centers in the world in England. Especially London draws attention as the financial center of the world. Shipping is also of great importance for the UK economy, which has the largest industries in Europe. As in England’s history, the maritime trade fleet is still seriously effective in its economy.



England has a serious impact on political issues worldwide, even playing a big role in a cultural sense. Together with scientists, artists, musicians, and literati, especially William Shakespeare, the country has proven its achievements to the whole world. Many scientists, from Stephen Hawking, whose life story people watched in the biographical film “The Theory of Everything,” to Isaac Newton, are of England origin. England, which has a long history in the cultural sense, is also distinguished with its architecture. It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list with more than twenty-eight examples of natural and cultural heritage. Thanks to Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, which has become a symbol of London, well-established universities, and much more, the country has a respectable place in the world.


In terms of the richness of the cuisine, the first names that come to mind are countries such as Italy and France. Although it is not as prominent as these names, British cuisine also has its own special tastes. In particular, tastes such as fish and chips and baked potatoes are popular. However, one of the most important points to be mentioned is the tea culture that the British are passionate about and make their name known to the world. The tea times they organize with their special tea sets have almost become the English people’s symbol.