9 September 2020
Gelato or Ice Cream? What is the real difference between them?

Ice Cream, also known as Gelato in Italy, is one of the best delicacies in the world both in summer and winter months. Those who have tried them both will know that they taste differently. But is there a real difference between the two or is it just the Italians insisting on using the name in their native language?

First of all, both ice cream and gelato are desserts obtained from frozen milk. They are both based on milk pudding. They both traditionally contain milk, cream, sugar, and egg whites but the milk ratio is higher in gelato whereas cream and egg white ratio are lower (or even none).

When it is time to mix the ingredients, gelato is mixed slower with less contact with air, resulting in a lower consistency. On the other hand, ice cream is mixed quickly with higher contact with air. This results in a heavier consistency. 

Finally, gelato is not served as cold as ice cream, making it softer. But ice cream is preserved and served in colder temperatures, resulting in a more fluid-like consistency.

Either ice cream or gelato, both will always be the favorite dessert for all seasons.