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21 July 2023

Have you ever considered enjoying a tranquil camping getaway in Ayvalık district in Balıkesir, which boasts both Aegean and Marmara coastlines?

If you've entertained the idea but are just now discovering it through this article, we've curated 7 fantastic camping spots that you'll be thrilled to know about.

Ayvalık, which particularly attracts a lot of attention during the summer months, is situated approximately 125 kilometers away from the city center of Balıkesir. Ayvalık is also renowned for its picturesque islands that share the same name. Beyond the island ports, these islands captivate visitors with their natural splendor.

Now, let's explore our camping sites!


Ortunç Bay

First, let's talk about transportation. You can reach the area, Ortunç Bay, located approximately 30 kilometers away from the center of Ayvalık, either by public transportation or private vehicles. There are open parking areas available for visitors, as well as accommodation options in the surrounding facilities. The camping area provides facilities such as bathrooms, toilets, and showers, and you can also find cafes to relax, markets and snack bars for your shopping needs, and free public beaches.

Paradise Hill Campground

Let's now discuss a campground that truly lives up to its name, Paradise Hill Campground. It is undeniably one of the most serene and beautiful places in Ayvalık, and it is conveniently located close to the city center, so you can easily find everything you need.


Devil's Table Campground

Next, we move on to Devil's Table right after Paradise Hill. Devil's Table Campground is situated about 8 kilometers south of Ayvalık city center and is known for its enchanting views of Ayvalık's captivating landscapes. With its impressive rocky formations, this location offers a breathtaking sight of Ayvalık Islands and the island of Lesbos (Midilli). The view from Devil's Table is especially stunning during sunset.

The story behind Devil's Table is quite interesting. It is believed to have a hollow where the footprint of the Devil can be seen. Locals say that people throw coins into the hollow to make a wish. However, in reality, Devil's Table is an ancient lava formation, and the belief that the hollow is the Devil's footprint originates from legends and myths. This mythical tale adds to the region's mystical and mysterious atmosphere, but the most impressive thing is undoubtedly the view you encounter. The panoramic view of Ayvalık Islands and Lesbos Island leaves visitors in awe with its unique beauty.

Now, let's move on to the paid camping areas. Although it may seem unnecessary to pay at first glance, rest assured that you will receive quality services that are worth the price you pay. Additionally, Ayvalık offers so many options for campers that not being able to find a suitable area within your budget is not even a possibility!

Next up are the paid campsites. While the idea of paying may seem insignificant initially, rest assured that the services provided are of excellent quality and worth the investment. Moreover, Ayvalık provides numerous options for campers, making it virtually impossible not to find a campground that suits your budget!

Sarımsaklı Nature Park Campground

Sarımsaklı Nature Park Campground, located 10 kilometers from the center of Ayvalık, is renowned for its expansive, pristine, and visually captivating beaches. It offers both paid and free camping options. Campers have the choice to set up their tents in the free areas or rent pre-made tents, caravans, or bungalow houses from the paid facilities. Just like in other campgrounds, you'll have easy access to amenities such as electricity, internet, clean toilets, and showers. There are also nearby restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy a meal. Please note that this is a paid campsite, and the camping fees may vary depending on student and adult rates. Prior to your visit, you can check their website for current prices or contact the company directly by phone.


Murat Reis Çamlık Camping

Located in the Erdek district of Balıkesir, this campground is not only surrounded by natural beauty but also serves as a popular tourist destination. Murat Reis Çamlık Camping will enhance your camping experience with its cleanliness, scenic views, and well-maintained facilities. For guests staying at Murat Reis Çamlık Camping, there is a refrigerator service available. The campsite provides clean and tidy shower facilities, as well as designated barbecue areas. Other amenities such as internet access, hot water, and parking are also provided.

Doyran Campground

Doyran Campground offers campers more than just a camping experience. Situated amidst olive groves, fragrant flowers, and the turquoise waters brought by the Aegean Sea, this campground provides an unforgettable setting. Its proximity to historical and touristic sites in the Aegean Region makes it an excellent opportunity for those who wish to combine their camping holiday with cultural exploration. You can visit historical sites such as the ancient city of Assos, the ancient city of Bergama, and the ancient city of Troy, as well as enjoy swimming in the nearby beaches. Doyran Campground allows you to discover the natural and historical beauty of Ayvalık, providing an enriching holiday experience.


Körfez Camping

Körfez Camping is the nearest campground to the center of Ayvalık on our list. It is just a 15-minute walk away, offering campers a convenient and quality service. The campground is nestled in a wooded area, creating a serene and natural atmosphere. It is well-maintained, ensuring cleanliness and meticulous operation. Being located by the sea, campers can enjoy easy access to the beach and all the facilities within the campground.

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