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15 March 2023
Güncelleme Tarihi: 11 May 2023

Spring marks the beginning of thrilling days full of brand-new discoveries for travelers like us. You should have a look at the suggestions we have prepared for you if you are sick of the typical destination suggestions and looking for different routes.


Bergama may only evoke images of an ancient city in your mind, but we can assure you that it holds much more promise. Bergama is undoubtedly a delight for history buffs, but today we want to concentrate on Bergama's lesser-known aspects.

Despite its constantly growing population, Bergama, which is 140 kilometers from the heart of Izmir, is a region that nevertheless manages to maintain its authentic texture and is surrounded by details that will transport you back to your childhood. The district center with nostalgic views, the Ottoman Bazaar (Arasta) with tea gardens, the lovely villages where the collectible Bergama carpets are woven, the rich public library that deserves the title of being the homeland of parchment, the enormous Kozak Plateau covered with pistachio pine forests as far as the eye can see, and Kale District, consisting of old Greek houses where neighborhood life continues, are just a few of the breathtaking places you can visit in Bergama.


If you get the chance to go on a guided tour to Pergamon, the ancient city that was the site of many firsts, the guide will share a lot of fascinating information with you. Of course, Asclepion, the birthplace of the snake wrapped around a staff that stands as the symbol of medicine, is no exception. The Asclepion, the healing center of the city, has gone down in history as the first place in the world where psychotherapy was practiced.

Finally, eat some of Bergama's delectable eggplant when you get there. We are confident that we will concur that this is the tastiest type of eggplant.



One of the loveliest places to spend a weekend is this old Greek village near Bursa, especially given how close it is to Istanbul. The first things we can strongly suggest doing in Tirilye are strolling through the streets where 2 or 3 story wooden and stone-built traditional houses add a different atmosphere, indulging in the renowned Tirilye olives for breakfast, exploring the shops where all kinds of souvenirs made with olives are on display, and, of course, topping this getaway off with a delectable fish for dinner.

As for sightseeing, Tirilye, which has always been a significant center, is home to numerous significant religious structures. The nearby Avlulu Hamam and the Fatih Mosque, which was created by converting a Byzantine church into a mosque, are two of the most frequented places of worship in the area.


One of the most intriguing structures in this area is Taş Mektep, which was finished in 1909 and features a Neo-Classical design. A few more significant locations you ought to include on your tour include Yuannes Church, also known as Dündar House, the Arch Church, which is rumored to be the third-oldest church in the world but cannot be verified, and St. Vasil Church, which is currently used as a cultural center.

Behramkale (Assos)

The name Behramkale must have attracted your attention if you're seeking for a location that can be reached from Istanbul in 5–6 hours. Another lovely location in the springtime is Behramkale, one of our favorite routes to go, before the sea season begins. A picturesque village, Behramkale on the old harbor, is particularly well-known for its magnificent sunsets. The village, which is a protected area, has successfully kept a large portion of its historical character. The cobblestone streets and Greek homes are especially excellent for uplifting your mood. The settlement and the Temple of Athena are adjacent. This location offers a stunning view of Lesbos Island. After visiting the ancient city of Assos, you can go a little further south and visit places like Akçay and Adatepe.


Lake Iznik

You should definitely look at the options available in Iznik if you reside in Istanbul and are searching for a day trip. Lake Iznik is often the first thing that people think of when they think of Iznik, and when they think of Lake Iznik, they naturally think of the sunset view since this site is so stunning that it will make you forget about all the other sunsets you have ever seen. The lawns and rows of seats by the lake are popular spots to view this unusual sunset, but you may stand out by renting a canoe and floating in the glistening lake waters. There are historical treasures below the lake's bottom as well; numerous artifacts have been found so far, and further underwater excavations are being conducted.

İznik Gölü

If you're wondering if we should limit ourselves to the lake while we're at Iznik, the answer is obviously no. Reminding you that you are in the genuine home of tile art, we can emphasize that taking part in a practical workshop on the subject can be enjoyable.

There are many historical landmarks in Iznik, the first Turkish capital of Anatolia and the location of the first Ottoman madrasa and soup kitchen. The historical city walls, the Green Mosque, the Hagia Sophia Mosque, the Suleyman Pasha Madrasa, referred to as the first Ottoman Madrasa, and the 12-meter-high obelisk monument are a few of the places you can visit on your historical trip. The Green Mosque has come to symbolize the city with its colorful tiles, and the Hagia Sophia Mosque was converted from a church into a mosque by Orhan Gazi.

If you enjoy fish, you must try the lake fish (especially catfish). Also, a lot of festivals begin in April; perhaps you will attend one of them. We hope your spring is full of interesting discoveries and exciting activities.


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